University Children’s Centre

Project: University Children’s Centre Website
Project Client: Dalhousie University Children’s Centre

The University Children’s Center is a non-profit organization which provides high quality and affordable childcare.  The main goal of the project is to improve their website to create a visual, informative web presence and provide a great accessibility.

The project group worked on this task with the frameworks and instruction of the University Children’s Center.  They designed a new professional website for the organization which is manageable and easy to access by both parents and clients.  The new website also includes advanced features such as media and images. 

Check out the Dalhousie University Children’s Centre here:

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“During this project, communication was very important. We were constantly communicating with the client to ensure that we were meeting all of their needs and that they were satisfied with the quality of our work. This project was a great experience as I was involved in improving one of Dalhousie’s many services offered to students and staff.”

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