Request For Proposal

Contact Information

  • Included here should be the name and information for someone from your office who is informed of the business problem and is able to dedicate a minimum of 1-2 hours per week to interact with the student team regarding issues, progress, questions, etc.


Problem Background


Technical Requirements

    Do you require specific software be used in solving this problem?

  • Do you prefer to have the student report to you:


Commercial Requirements


Testing/Training Requirements

  • If student team:


Project Agreement

  • I agree that my organization / work group is aware of this project and I (or my delegate) am willing to work with a student group to solve the business problem identified within the time period of the upcoming school semester.

    I will address concerns primarily to my student team contact, escalating issues to the instructor if a problem remains unaddressed.

    I agree that any change requests to the project based off the original proposal and/or project plan must be documented and signed by both the client and the student team (leader). Any change requests deemed “major” in scope, time, quality, cost, etc as determined by the client and/or the student group must also be forwarded to the instructor in a timely manner for consideration and/or approval. Major change requests include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

    • –A fluctuation of +/- 25% estimated workload
    • –A fluctuation of +/- 25% estimated or actual budget
    • –A change in dates for milestones, including the final deliverable
    • –A change in the primary contact
    • –A loss or gain of a major resource or stakeholder
    • –A substantial change in project objectives or goals

    I acknowledge that I am aware of this general timeline for the project and will be available to complete the appropriate reviews on schedule:

    • –RFPs must be submitted before the first day of classes for the semester
    • –I (or my delegate(s)) will attend the Project class (11:30 AM – 1:00 PM) to make a presentation regarding this project to the students on the Tuesday or Thursday of the first week of the term, and to answer any questions the students might have about the nature of the project.
    • –I will receive a student proposal within ten days of making this presentation.
    • –I will review it and return it to the team with feedback or approval and will sign off the document with the team lead no more than a week after receiving the proposal.
    • –I will receive a mostly-complete deliverable about 2-3 weeks prior to the end of the term.
    • –I will review the deliverable and return it to the team with feedback or approval within one week of receiving it.
    • –I will receive the final deliverable no more than two weeks after receiving the ‘draft’ version.
    • –I will submit a feedback form to the instructor regarding the quality of the deliverable and my overall satisfaction with the project within one week of receiving the final deliverable.