Project: Nova Scotia Firefighters School Website
Project Client: Nova Scotia Firefighters School

The Nova Scotia Firefighting School (NSFS) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide firefighters and other first responders with the necessary training and preparation to do their jobs. NSFS was looking to improve its online presence by enhancing the website’s functionality and marketing capabilities in order to make it more appealing for prospective students, and more functionable for current students.

A project group from Dalhousie Informatics Community Outreach class took on the task of identifying particular recommendations for a system that would meet Nova Scotia Firefighting School’s needs, as well as the framework for how to implement these recommendations. As a result of this project, several major components were determined for future projects, and Informatics was heavily engaged in the overhaul of NSFS’s website for the following year. These projects included the website’s content management system, design, database, and an e-store. This is one of the projects that Informatics students are most proud of, and the website is still in full use today by the firefighting school.

Check out the Nova Scotia Firefighters School website here:

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“Working on this project allowed me to use leadership skills used for the first time. I was able to work with and learn from multiple students in the Informatics program. It was the largest project I’ve been involved with during my Informatics tenure, and it gave me leadership experience that I can apply to my future endeavours.”

– Student Name

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