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Danny Wilson

What year of university is this for you?


Why did you choose Informatics over Computer Science?

I didn’t have precalculus.

Where did you work on your work term?

Two Keys in Ottawa and the IWK in Halifax.

Which coop are you on?


What type of tasks did you complete when on coop?

I worked on a government project. An authentication system for the Government of Canada

Example of a problem that you had to deal with?

We are using an open source software that wasn’t very well developed. We experienced a lot of issues with that?

What did you like about your team / environment?

They were all really knowledgeable and friendly, always willing to help out.

Has your experience impacted what you want to do in the future?

I hadn’t considered security being a good career choice. IT security there is a lot of money and government contracts. I would consider going back to that kind of job.

Would you recommend coop?

In general? yeah definitely.

What lifestyle changes did you notice while on coop?

I made a lot of money so it was awesome.

How you you rate your experience from one to five? one being bad five being good.


I made a lot of money so it was awesome.

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