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Dalhousie Mobile Library Presence

Jan 1, 2013

Project: Dalhousie Libraries Mobile Presence
Project Client: Dalhousie Libraries

The Dalhousie library was looking to move into the new technological era. They had a fully functional website, but no version for mobile browsers. They were looking for something lightweight that could still meet all of their customers’ needs.

A group from the Informatics Community Outreach class undertook this task with great enthusiasm. They designed a streamlined mobile site through open source code and old fashioned programming. Through the mobile website, Dalhousie students and staff are able to easily retrieve Dalhousie library information such as their hours, maps of the buildings and contact information. The page also has a section to direct students to live help, as well as a page to book study rooms within the libraries. The projects group was able to make a site that can stand alone, while also being tied into the extensive Dalhousie library catalogue.

Check out the Dalhousie Libraries mobile website here:

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“It gave me a taste of working on a project that resulted in something meaningful. I liked that this was a unique venture that had an impact on my school. I now know that I can be counted on to contribute meaningful parts to a project using the skills I’ve acquired in the Informatics program.”

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