Happy Student3

Nathan Johnson

What Year of University is this for you?

4th Year

Why did you choose Informatics over Computer Science?

Because i like communicating with people and creating things, verses just simply coding

Where did you work on your work term?

STI technologies Verax and Research in Motion.

Which coop are you on?


Where was it located?

STI technologies halifax, lacewood to be exact.

What type of tasks did you complete when on coop?

Performing code development to the internal software systems, creating websites for products and services and just some other simple coding tasks

Example of a problem that you had to deal with?

The systems that people were using to scan packages were not reading in the new ID that they created. So one problem i had was changing the scan system to be able to accept all new tokenized codes.

What did you like about your team / environment?

Very open free spirited, freedom to use and develop whatever you feel like would be useful to the company.

Has your experience impacted what you want to do in the future?

Yes it has. Yeah at least now i know i don’t want to sit down and be a developer but i actually want to work on ideas and design systems more.

Would you recommend coop?


What lifestyle changes did you notice while on coop?

I was less interested in partying and more interested in sleeping

How you you rate your experience from one to five? one being bad five being good.


I like communicating with people and creating things, versus just simply coding

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