Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
                   Berlin, Germany 15-19 July 2017

ACM Workshop on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation in Defense, Security and Risk Management - SecDef @ GECCO 2017

July 15-19, 2017 in Berlin, Germany

 Topics of Interest

We invite completed or ongoing work, with the aim to encourage communication between active researchers and practitioners to better understand the current scope of efforts within genetic and evolutionary computation on defense, security and risk. The ultimate goal is to understand, discuss, and help set future directions for our community.

Authors are invited to submit papers that fall into or are related to one or multiple topic areas listed below:

  •  Security:
   -   Intrusion Detection
   -   Anomaly Detection
   -   Signature-Based Detection
   -   Behavior Monitoring
   -   Network Traffic Analysis
   -   System Data Analysis
   -   Application Data Analysis
   -   Attack Prevention and Defense Systems
   -   Threat Forecasting Systems
   -   Anti Spam and/or Antivirus Systems
   -   Bring Your Own Device
   -   Critical Infrastructure Protection
   -   Advanced Persistent Threats
  •   Defense:
   -   Design of Military Systems and Sub-Systems
   -   Logistics and Scheduling of Military Operations
   -   Strategic Planning and Tactical Decision Making
   -   Logistics and Scheduling of Military Operations
   -   Examining Tradeoffs in Military and Counter-Terrorism Procedures
   -   Automated Discovery of Tactics and Procedures for Military and Defense Systems
   -   Cyber Warfare
   -   Cyber Fraud
  •   Risk:
   -   Identification, Prevention, Monitoring, and Handling of Risks
   -   Risk Impact and Probability Estimation Systems
   -   Contingency Plans,
   -   Real Time Risk Management
   -   Policy Management

 Paper Submission

Paper submissions must present original, unpublished research or experiences. Each submission must be written in English. There is a length limitation of 8 pages (including title, abstract, all figures, tables, and references) for regular papers. Submissions must be in the ACM GECCO manuscript style; further details are available here.

Note that the ACM Master Template has changed as of 2017, so be sure to use the updated templates available on the GECCO 2017 site.

Papers should be submitted in PDF format to Acceptance to the workshop will be based on peer review of submitted papers. Each accepted submission will be presented orally at the workshop.


Papers accepted for SecDef'2017 will be distributed in the GECCO Companion Volume and ACM Digital Library.

 Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: March 31, 2017

Author Notification: April 17, 2017

Final Manuscripts: April 27, 2017

Workshop Date: July 15 - 16, 2017