The Evolution Continues

Like almost everything in information technology, the journal "Computational Intelligence" (CI) is changing. While it developed a strong reputation based on a core of theoretical work on knowledge representation and reasoning early on, the research community has moved to other topics.

For CI to maintain its reputation as the first choice venue for papers in important areas of Artificial Intelligence, we are taking action. We intend to help distinguish CI from the other leading AI journals by shifting its focus to several newly emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence, none of which yet have a primary venue for the publication of their results. These are included in the Aims and Scope of the journal.

To achieve this refocusing, we have updated our editorial board, in line with these new areas. Each of these editors, appointed to a three-year term (renewable), will be encouraged to take charge of his/her topic, and to work with us, and Blackwell, to help innovate and re-vitalize our journal.

A. Ghorbani, E. Milios

Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence - 2010