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Manuscript Central for Authors Q&A

Manuscript Central for Action Editors: Questions and Answers

Q1: I have selected two reviewers, who have accepted the review. How do I stop the system from sending me reminders to select reviewers?
A: Set the number of reviews required to make decisions to 2, from the default 3.

Q2: I have selected four reviewers. Why does the system still asks me to Invite Reviewers?
A: You must explicitly invite the reviewers by clicking on the check mark button next to "Invite" in the "Status" column of the reviewer list.
This will change the status to "Invited", awaiting for their response.

Q3: Why do I see a non-empty reviewer list associated with a revised paper with no action on my part?
A: MC automatically selects the reviewers of the previous version of the paper. To invite them, see answer to Q2.

Q4: How do I make notes on a manuscript, for example potential sources of additional reviewers?
A: Click on the button next to "Add a Note" at the bottom of the page associated with "Manuscript Information" tab.

Q5: How do I access previous versions of a revised manuscript?
A: Under "Version History" in the "Manuscript Information" tab. Click on the button in column "Switch Details".

Q5: What is the best way to send email to the Editor-In-Chief or the Administrator about a particular manuscript?
A: Click on the name of the EIC or ADM in the top right corner of the "Manuscript Information" tab. This will include the manuscript ID (e.g. COIN-OA-07-09-1189.R1), to make it easy for them to search for it in MC.

Q6: I have received two consistent reviews for a manuscript and I am ready to make a recommendation. However, I do not see the "Make recommendation" tab in the upper right corner of the "Manuscript Information" tab. What is wrong?
A: Set the number of required reviews to 2, to activate the "Make recommendation" tab (see Q2).

Manuscript Central for Authors: Questions and Answers

Q1: One of the reviewers mentioned that he uploaded an annotated pdf file with comments. Where do I find this file in Manuscript Central?
A: In Manuscript Central, at the bottom of the column "My Manuscripts" there should be a link "Manuscripts Awaiting Revision".
Click on that link.
At the bottom of the same page, a table will show up with the manuscripts awaiting revision (typically one manuscript).
Under column "Status" click on the link "view decision letter" .
At the bottom of the window that pops up containing the decision letter, there will be a pane "Files Attached".
A link to the pdf file submitted by the reviewer will be available there.