Local Information

Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia and a major economic center in Atlantic Canada. Pre-COVID, there were direct flights from/to New York (about 2h5m), Chicago (about 3h15m), London (about 6h55m) and Frankfurt (about 7h 30m), and more direct international flights during summer months. When the pandemic is over, we expect that these will be restored.

If a physical component of the conference is possible, we expect to hold it in the downtown campus of Dalhousie University, near which there are restaurants and hotels galore, ranging from upscale ones to budget options. We also plan to make university residences available to attendees. Furthermore, we expect that a conference excursion and a banquet will be organized.

August is regarded by many as the best time of the year to tour Halifax and Atlantic Canada. It is almost always sunny in August in Halifax. In town, there are popular attractions such as the Pubic Gardens, the Halifax Citadel, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the waterfront, and there are many festivals and events in summer. Near Halifax, there are many beaches and hiking trails. World-renowned travel destinations such as the Fundy Bay and the Cape Breton National Park are within driving distance.

More information will be provided if a physical component turns out to be possible.

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