FloVis for SiLK Data Analysis

In its initial form, FloVis works with the SiLK Toolkit for network data analysis. As collected by SiLK, NetFlow data is best suited for forensic analysis and retrospective studies since the data can appear in the repository several hours after the start of a flow. The SiLK Tools are available as open source under the GPL from here.

As the system progresses, we aim to use a standard database as it will buffer the visualization from direct dependence on the SiLK Tools, allowing data from other sources to be treated in similar ways.

An Open-Source Cross Platform Implementation

FloVis is a client based application designed to run on a workstation. It is built in OpenGL and utilizes a platform independent windowing system which allows it to be built on most operating systems. FloVis is being released for use and development under the Eclipse Public License 1.0.

Version Windows Mac OS X Linux
RC1 Download