Federated World Directory of Mathematicians

Federated searching connotes any system that provides a common user interface for searching and retrieving information across heterogeneous datasets over the Internet.


In 1998 the CEIC was asked to explore the feasibility of an electronic World Directory of Mathematicians to replace the traditional hard copy. The CEIC concluded that, while desirable, intellectual property and privacy issues in different countries made this impossible for the 2002 edition of the WDM. In 2003, the CEIC decided that with the emergence of better Internet search tools it was realistic to build a federated directory, as defined above. This provides a rapid and simple search over existing online databases with no additional work for the user. Work on the Federated World Directory of Mathematicians (FWDM) began shortly thereafter, and the official release of the FWDM is coming soon!

The Electronic World Directory of Mathematicians
The Electronic World Directory of Mathematicians is a database of mathematicians from throughout the world that is designed and maintained by the International Mathematical Union, and which is included in the FWDM. Membership in the EWDM is free and involves a brief membership form. Membership in the EWDM automatically includes you in the FWDM!

Current Federation Members
As our recent survey shows, many mathematical organizations have completely or partially put their member directories online, in a fashion suitable for a federated search.